I was given those two darlings in a shop yesterday...sure my friends Bob and Dilly would love them....
I'm waiting for the address...

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Gattina a dit…

How cute !

Quand j'ai vu "Mousie Paisible" je ne pensais pas du tout que c'était toi !! On s'est un peu perdu et quand j'ai vu le nombre de blogs que tu as entre temps !! J'ai aussi different blogs maintenant, Writer Cramps which is my main blog and then the one for the cats, one for pictures only and one for my travels. But I write every day on writer cramps. When I have a little more time I will investigate what you have done since it is a year now we met as beginners ! at least I was I didn't know anything. Today I do my headers myself and have learned a lot ! Nous avions une emission ici en Belgique qui s'appelait "perdue de vue" et bien on s'est retrouvé, lol !

B.T.Bear (esq.) a dit…

Oh boy! Oh boy! I do like that Snowy Bear! Wat is the other wun? Is it a mowsie???

If yu email me I'll send yu the address! skutter@hotmail.com

Oh gosh!
I'm so eggsytid my bum's in danger ov burstin agen!

Oh boy!


Dilly a dit…



Dilly send big ear hug!

Dilly like hats in pikcher!

Owwwww Dilly like presents! Mayke Dilly feel sparkly!

THANK Granma!


Vic Grace a dit…

You blog looks lovely. I think you have made changes since last time I was here.It has been a while since I visited as it took too long to load. I have just hooked up to satellite so that makes it much faster. Thanks for popping by my blog.

Lynda (Granny K) a dit…

Oh you lucky Mousie! Going to the snowy mountains - wonderful! I live by the sea, which is where I belong, but we rarely get snow, and if we do, it never stays for long. We scrape our fingers on the ground trying to get enough snow together to build a snowman!
Build one for me, please! Hugs, Lynda

Dilly a dit…

Mousie, Ms Cweek say Dilly got big nose. Mousie think Dilly got big nose? Dilly say, not got big nose- got long snowt, small nose on end. Dilly not got big nose. Wat Mousie think?


B.T.Bear (esq.) a dit…

Oh! They arrived!!!!!! Thank yu so much! I've put them on my blog! Yu are so kind! Thank yu!