The magic boots

The magic boots

In this story you'll meet two little boys Elian and Lucas, one hen, the poultry in Grandma 's house and the boots given by Aunt Jeanne

In Grandma's house, there are many hens and one cockerel

One day a huge giant arrived, the hens were ever so frightened, except one...

The little grey hen thought the boots were so beautiful !!!
That green color is gorgeous!

She spent all the night on her nest, very busy...
And the following morning...

What a surprise !!!

I can't believe my eyes !!!

Green eggs ! never seen that before !!!
What are we going to do with such eggs !

We know the boys said !!!!
and that evening for high tea they all enjoyed delicious pancakes !!!

and that's the end of that true story, the little grey hen lays green eggs, all golden inside and they make delicious boiled eggs or cakes or....
Grandma is really a magic one !!!


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Star a dit…

Love your recent pictures. I like the little wellington boots amongst the pecking hens. Such a lovely situation.
I hope you're well and feeling inspired by the summer?